December 26th (Yes, I get a lot of "birth-mas" presents)
Favorite Style of Dance
Dance Background
I'm an Enchant baby! I played around with fitness my whole life (ice skating, yoga, Pilates, running...) but nothing stuck with me.. until pole! I started at Enchant in 2018 doing pole and Modern dance and quickly decided to spend every free evening in the studio to learn and grow as a dancer. I adore pole inversions and angsty modern movement.
Teaching Style
Playful and cautious. I love questions, move-breakdowns, and repetition, but also experimenting with flows and dance styles.
Harley (the tiny dog) and Barry (the giant cat)
Favorite TV Show
SO MANY CARTOONS! (Gravity Falls, Nichijou, Courage, Gumball, Superjail, Metalocalypse, We Bare Bears, Over the Garden Wall, etc...)
Favorite Movie
It's Such a Beautiful Day - Don Hertzfelt
Day Job
Animation student, while bartending on the weekends
Hidden Talent
Ich spreche Deutsch! Aber es ist nicht sehr gut. Ich habe kein Deutsch-sprachig freunden. (German!)
Fun Fact
I am colorblind (blue-yellow), but I could ramble about color theory and usage for daaaays.
Favorite Quote
"Hi my name is Trey and I have a basketball game tomorrooow."