Pole 5+

Welcome to Pole 5+! This class is a mixed level class for Pole 5 - Pre-Advanced.

Each student will learn moves and choreo based on the level they are in and be given lots of one on one attention, as well as practice time. We will challenge you in every class to push your limits and reach for the sky (sometimes literally!)

In each class we will start with a group warmup, then move onto practice time! We will teach everyone their own moves of the day, then move onto choreography! Every class we will teach you a new bit of choreography that strings together with the next.

Each level focuses on a new aspect of choreography to help you grow as a dancer.

Pole 5: This choreography focuses on emotion and grace. It is a slow piece that incorporates spin pole and static into an emotional rollercoaster.

Pole 6: Pole 6 is all about the angst! This dramatic piece of choreo focuses on drama combined with quick tempo changed and a mix of lyrical and musicality moments.

Pole 7: In Pole 7 we explore the sexier side of pole! With slinky music and suggestive movements, this choreography is unlike any other level. Heels are not required, but definitely encouraged.

Pole 8: In this level we focus on diving into character. Created by our official PSO Unicorn and judge, Tyler, you will dive deep into character creation and telling a story through your dance.

Pole 9: As we move closer to advanced, we give you the choreography power! In this level we have chosen a specific song and will give you the moves and timeframe, then you make your own choreo!

Pole 10: Choose your own adventure time! In this level you pick the song and you write the choreo! We will give you feedback each week so that you can develop your choreographing skills.

Pre-Advanced: You are one step away from our advanced classes now! Pick your own song for the level and get ready to write some choreo. We will have you use both the static and spin pole, then give you competition level feedback each week.

Prerequisite: Pole 4

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