Pole 1: Introduction to Pole Dance

Welcome to Enchant, where pole dance and contemporary dance collide! In this 5-week series we will teach you the fundamentals of pole dance and help you combine them with contemporary dance elements to add depth to your dance. These techniques will help you move through all of your levels and become the base for everything you learn. You will learn to incorporate spins, transitions, climbs and sits into a routine that will take you dancing across the entire room. Our small class sizes mean that not only do you get one on one attention in every class, but also develop bonds with your classmates. Using safe learning and structured teaching methods, our certified instructors have a unique passion for pole dance and that passion shines through in their classe.

We will begin our class with a group warmup to gets your muscles ready for the activities ahead. We will then move straight to pole moves! Each class you will learn multiple foundational moves that you will use for your entire pole journey. Class will end with learning choreography that will incorporate all of the moves you have learned that day. Each week builds off the last so that you end up with tons of epic moves and a beautiful piece of choreo!

Make sure to arrive 10 minutes early to class and bring lots of water! Wear anything you feel comfortable moving in for the first two weeks and bring shorts for the following three weeks so that your skin can make contact with the pole.

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