Pole 3 - 4

Congratulations on completing Pole 2! In our mixed level Pole 3 and 4 classes we will dive even deeper into choreography and pole moves.

In each class we will start with a group warmup, then move onto practice time! We will teach everyone their moves of the day, then move onto choreography! Every class we will teach you a new bit of choreography that strings together with the next.

Each level focuses on a new aspect of choreography to help you grow as a dancer.

Pole 3: This choreography is all about atmosphere, attitude and musicality. This is a darker piece of music than Pole 2 with amazing beats and a sassy mood!

Pole 4: Our Pole 4 choreography was created by our contemporary master, Nikoletta! This music is very beat heavy and combines all of your beautiful pole moves into a contemporary dance with epic musicality.

Prerequisite: Pole 2

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