Are you open?

Enchant is currently closed until 4/8/2020

Will you for sure open on 4/8/2020?

As of right now, yes. We are keeping a constant eye on any updates from the CDC and WA State government and have been updating accordingly. This is an unknown time, but we can only work with the information we have as we get it.

Should I wait to sign up for classes?

Nope! In fact, buying your classes now help keep us afloat while we are closed. You can be assured that even if classes are rescheduled due to any new mandates, you will not forfeit your pass. Our class passes are good for 365 days from the date of purchase. While we typically do not allow for extensions on class passes, if you email us and ask for an extension due to COVID-19, we will extend your class passes for the length of time the studio was closed.

What happens if I sign up for Pole 1 or a Workshop, but then you have to stay closed longer?

In the event of a new mandate where we are forced to stay closed for longer, we will reschedule our classes and personally notify you via email of the reschedule. Anyone currently enrolled will have first priority in rescheduling and be automatically placed in the new class. If the new class does not work for you, we are happy to reschedule you into a different series.

I've seen a lot of "Pole at home" tutorials being posted recently and I have a pole at home, why shouldn't I just do those?

Practicing what you have already learned from a certified instructor is great, learning without an instructor there is very dangerous. Many "learn to pole at home" videos are very dangerous and don't teach/follow proper safety techniques. Also, without an instructor there to watch you doing the move and offering corrections, you can sustain serious and long term injuries. Anyone can pick up a camera and record videos, but the majority of qualified instructors teach in studios where they can offer hands on assistance and are highly trained. Enchant instructors go through an in depth training process that covers specific moves, technique, safety, anatomy, physics of pole and much much more! On top of all that, support your local businesses instead of online ones!

I'm nervous about coming to class once you are open, what are you doing to keep everyone safe?

  • For the month of April, we are reducing all of our class sizes to 6 people in B and 4 people in A so that no students have to share a pole with other students. While it is not very possible to keep a 6ft distance from your instructor, not sharing a pole will keep you at least 7.5ft away from your classmates and allow you to only have to touch an object that was touched by one other person (our instructor)

  • We have upped our Isopropyl Alcohol amount in our pole cleaner from the industry standard 10% to ensure proper decontamination

  • We always have students clean their own poles. This ensures that poles can be cleaned as frequently as you wish and you do not have to rely on an instructor to remember. We are also asking students to clean their poles and spray their yoga mats at the beginning and end of each class.

  • We are not using our pole covers right now as they are a porous/foam material and just another thing to have to touch

  • All instructors are told to never teach if they are sick. We have taken this to an extreme and told them not to teach even if they have a very small/faint symptom.

  • We are reminding all students to not come to class if they are sick

  • We (luckily) already had a large supply of Clorox Wipes and have been regularly cleaning surfaces. We have very few surfaces in our studio as is, but have also put these out so students can use them (as long as it is not on the poles) at any point if they feel uncomfortable

  • Our charity showcase has been rescheduled to June 24th

What can I do to help Enchant during this time?

Buy your passes in advance!

Pole 1 and Workshops: Use the code Dance50 during checkout to receive 50% off

Drop-In Pole Dancers: Use the code 971823192199 to get 10% off a 5 class pass and/or use the code 136091195296 to get 20% off a 10 class pass

I am sick of being at home, can I rent the studio to train alone?

Unfortunately, we have to say no right now. While we would love to say yes, everyone really needs to stay at home so we can get COVID out of here!

I am one of the lucky few that still has work, what can I do to help others?

Support your local businesses, order takeout from small/local restaurants, donate to charities and/or COVID research, foster a pet, stay home, wash your hands, and above all, show kindness to others in this difficult time.

What can I do to stay active and also stay connected with Enchant right now?

Join our Facebook group! We are posting daily stretches as well as chatting to keep in contact with each other right now


Money is tight due to COVID, can I get a refund?

While we absolutely understand that these are scary and uncertain times, all of our sales are final and non-transferable. Small businesses are suffering greatly right now and with every business closing its doors and no revenue coming in, every small/local business in Seattle currently runs the risk of closing forever. So especially in these times, we have to stick to our all sales final policy so that students can have a place to dance once COVID-19 is finally gone.

With that said, all purchases are good for 365 days from the date of purchase. This allows our dancers plenty of time to coordinate schedules, deal with any breaks due to unforeseen circumstances and get busy with work or travel, but still be able to have time to use their class passes. In the event that you cannot use your passes within 365 days, we will extend them for the length of time the studio was closed (students just need to email in close to the expiration date and explain that they need an extension due to COVID).

I feel like I need to "do" something right now, but I don't know what

Attached is contact information for our local officials in case you want to contact them asking for our government to suspend rent during these times. Enchant is outspoken in being a safe space, an inclusive environment and believing all are equal, but typically never promotes anything but tolerance. Seeing as we are currently in a very rough situation on a global scale, we did want to help make this information easily available to those who may want it.

Lisa Herbold - district 1 - west Seattle/South Park - lisa.herbold@seattle.gov

Tammy J. Morales - District 2 - South Seattle/Chinatown / International District - tammy.morales@seattle.gov

Kshama Sawant - District 3 - Central Seattle - kshama.sawant@seattle.gov

Alex Pedersen - District 4 - Northeast Seattle - alex.pedersen@seattle.gov

Deborah Juarez - District 5 - North Seattle - debora.juarez@seattle.gov

Dan Strauss - District 6 - Northwest Seattle - dan.strauss@seattle.gov

Andrew J. Lewis - District 7 - Pioneer Square to Magnolia - andrew.lewis@seattle.gov

Teresa Mosqueda - Position 8 - Citywide - teresa.mosqueda@seattle.gov

Lorena Gonzalèz - Position 9 - council president - lorena.gonzalez@seattle.gov

Jay Inslee - State Governor - https://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/contact/send-gov-inslee-e-message

Parry Murray - State Senator - https://www.murray.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/mobile/contactme

Maria Cantwell - State Senator - https://www.cantwell.senate.gov/contact/email/form

Other Resources:

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

World Health Org: https://www.who.int/

WA State Department of Health: https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/Coronavirus

Jay Inslee's Office: https://www.governor.wa.gov/issues/issues/covid-19-resources

Wa State COVID Response: https://coronavirus.wa.gov/

Unemployment: https://esd.wa.gov/unemployment

State Health Care: https://www.hca.wa.gov/health-care-services-supports/apple-health-medicaid-coverage

Financial Assistance -

Trouble affording your credit card payment: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/ask-cfpb/what-should-i-do-if-i-cant-pay-my-credit-card-bills-en-1697/

Trouble affording your mortgage: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/ask-cfpb/if-i-cant-pay-my-mortgage-loan-what-are-my-options-en-268/

Trouble affording your student loans: https://studentaid.gov/announcements-events/coronavirus

College Student Resources and FAQ: https://studentaid.gov/announcements-events/coronavirus

Extensions for filing taxes: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/filing-and-payment-deadlines-questions-and-answers

Low income public transit: https://kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/metro/fares-orca/orca-cards/lift.aspx#qualify

Food Support: http://www.seattle.gov/mayor/covid-19#foodsupport

Free meals for children: https://www.uwkc.org/free-meals-during-school-closures/?fbclid=Iw

Preventing evictions: https://www.uwkc.org/fighting-homelessness/home-base-2/

Tenant rights and protection: http://www.seattle.gov/rentinginseattle

Tax filing extensions: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/filing-and-payment-deadlines-questions-and-answers

PSE payment plans: https://www.pse.com/

What makes Enchant different?
Enchant is an inclusive dance studio which focuses on blending contemporary dance with pole dance. We teach fundamental dance technique and combine that with pole to make each movement flow together like water! We don’t just teach you a trick, we teach you a skill! We provide very small class sizes which ensure individual attention and lots of practice time. Our teachers also go through an extremely in depth certification process that focuses on keeping you safe!

Where are you located?
Enchant Vertical Dance is located in the lower level of the 12th and Pike building. The entrance is on 12th. Look for our sign right under Dark Ages Tattoo’s window and next door to Barrio.

How do I reach Enchant?
Email us at contact@enchantdance.com

Are your classes co-ed?
Yes! Enchant does not believe in discriminating against anyone. All are welcome in our classes!

What are your prices?
Our prices are listed on our "About" page as well as on our scheduling page under the "Online Store" tab. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for special deals!

When are classes?
We have classes every day of the week. Our schedule is available by clicking on "Sign up now".

Do I need any prior experience to start taking classes at Enchant?
Nope! We will teach you what you need to know.

What do I wear and bring to class?
You can wear anything you feel comfortable working out in for the first two weeks of Pole 1. On the last 3 classes you will want to wear shorts so that you skin can make contact with the pole. Bring plenty of water with you! No rings or bracelets.

Is it ok if I miss a day of Pole 1?
We require dancers to attend their first day of pole 1, but do provide one free makeup lesson if they need to miss one of the following classes. Any further makeup lessons cost the price of a single class pole dance drop in pass. Email contact@enchantdance.com for more details.

After Pole 1, what is next?
After you have completed our Pole 1 series, you will move on to our drop-in based class Pole 2. We offer this class multiple times per week so that you can come as often as you like! We also offer a variety of other classes to assist in your training, such as: Ballet, Modern, Yoga and Flexibility!

When can I take Spin Pole?
Once you complete Pole 2!

When can I go upside down?
You will learn your basic Pole Crunch in day 1 of Pole 1. What we look for to approve dancers for inverts is a solid deadlift Pole Crunch with a pelvic tuck. If that makes no sense at all to you right now, don’t worry! We will explain it all and show you what we mean in Pole 1!

Do you have mirrors?

Whats the maximum number of students in class?
6 in Studio A and 8 in Studio B

Do people share poles in class?
Yes! It is standard within the pole industry for people to share poles. Sharing poles allows you to take a moment to hydrate and rest your muscles so that you do not overdo it. Sharing a pole can also be extremely helpful to the learning process. We learn much better if we can see someone else going through the experience of learning the moves and receiving instructions, it is especially handy with choreography!

I am interested in ballet, but have had prior experience that wasn't the best:
Don't worry! Erin is the sweetest person ever and a wonderful teacher. Erin focuses on teaching adults in a safe way to keep us dancing long term. She never pushes us into anything that hurts and works with our bodies, not against them.

I have been dancing for years, will I get anything out of Ballet Fundamentals?
Absolutely! Erin is wonderful at providing progressions and helpful critiques for anyone with previous experience.

I have prior pole dance experience. What class should I sign up for?
Enchant welcomes dancers from other studios who have been learning consistently for three months from a certified instructor at a pole dance studio. Any self taught dancers, dancers who have been dancing for less than three months or dancers who have taken a year or more off from Pole are asked to start with our Pole 1: Introduction to Pole Dance series. Any dancers dancing for more than 3 months without breaks lasting over a year will be automatically placed in our Pole 2 classes. To be placed any higher than Pole 2, Enchant requires a Safety and Technique lesson. In this lesson we will break down every move you have learned and verify it was taught in the safest way possible to ensure long-term muscle and joint stability. These lessons are $45 per hour and are also just a great way to go over the little tiny details of each move. Email contact@enchantdance.com to discuss transferring over in further detail.

I have experience in other forms of fitness and/or dance, but have not taken pole before. Should I still sign up for Pole 1?
Having a fitness or dance background is never required, but always a plus! We still recommend you start by taking our Pole 1 series because we will teach you the safety fundamentals, which will be very important for moving on to Pole 2.

Do you have any classes where I can try it out without committing for 5 weeks?
Yes, we offer our Intro to Pole Dance Workshop once per month. You can view the scheduling by clicking "Sign up now" and selecting the "Workshop" tab.

Do you allow minors?
Enchant is an 18+ dance studio. We do allow minors 16+ with parental permission. We require the parent or guardian to attend checkin during the first class to sign the student's waiver.

I purchased a voucher, how do I use it?
First you will want click "sign up now" to create an account on our scheduling system. Then go to the appropriate tab based on your voucher, pick the date and time that works for you and lastly, email contact@enchantdance.com with your voucher number and we will get you set up!

Do you offer student discounts?
Yes! Email us at contact@enchantdance.com for more info.

How do I know which day of class we are on?
Our scheduling system lists the day of classes we are on. Each day will say POLE DROP IN CLASSES - DAY ____ OF 10

Are you hiring?
Enchant only hires from our pool of active dancers who have been with Enchant for at least 1 year. We look for dancers with a passion for dance and a good sense of humor who can commit to a minimum of 1 year of teaching. While we do not hire often, we welcome resumes! Email contact@enchantdance.com

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, email us at contact@enchantdance.com!