Janurary 31st
Favorite Style of Dance
Dance Background
Ballet as a child but mostly informal dancing for fun (and when eating cookies)
Favorite Pole Move
Anything on spin
Nemesis Move
Anything involving hip flexor strength (so weak)
Favorite thing about teaching
Challenging myself to consider the experience from the learner's perspective and make a connection.
Favorite Animal
My best friend's two cats are my step children - they've moved farther away so I miss them dearly. My roommate has a sassy old border collie named Sammy who I adore as well.
Favorite Season
Favorite Holiday
Favorite Color
Favorite Subject in School
High school - math; college - abnormal psychology and neuropsychology
Favorite TV Show
Stranger Things
Crafting and beer - not necessarily together but hopefully so.
Favorite Place to Travel
I went to Hawaii once and fell in love!
Day Job
Program Coordinator for the AIMS Center, a group within UW Psychiatry that teaches primary care facilities around the country to efficiently and effectively treat their patients for depression/anxiety.
Pet Peeve
The sponge left in the bottom of sink and dishes put in the dishwasher with food still stuck to them.
Hidden Talent
I sang choir for several years and even sang in a jazz ensemble my senior year of high school.
Fun Fact
I'm pretty active in the nightlife community and worked as a headliner liaison for Q Nightclub for the last two years. I had the chance to meet and work with a few amazing artists including Zhu, Tokimonsta, Shiba San, and Sweater Beats.
Favorite Quote
To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.