November 18th
When did you start pole dancing
February 2018
Favorite Style of Dance
anything that makes you move your body is my favorite.
Dance Background
I started dancing when I was 7 years old. I am classically trained in ballet, jazz, modern, and tap. I trained at Backstage Dance Studio, Cornish College of the Arts, ARC School of Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet.
Teaching Style
I like my classes to feel fun, detailed oriented, and safe for my students. I strongly encourage my students to ask questions and explore new movements in their body in a safe manner.
Favorite Pole Move
Nemesis Move
Northing... yet!
Favorite thing about teaching
Seeing the progression of my students and seeing them find their own artistic style.
Favorite TV Show
The Good Place
Favorite Movie
Favorite Book
Harry Potter series
lots of pole dancing, working out at the gym, traveling internationally, eating copious amounts of sushi.
Favorite Place to Travel
Oh gosh, this is a tough one... I'd love to go back to the Philippines and Turkey.
Day Job
Web Developer
Fun Fact
I taught English in Thailand for a year!