Are your classes co-ed?
Yes! Enchant does not believe in discriminating against anyone. All are welcome in our classes!

What are your prices?
Our prices are listed in our "About" page as well as on our scheduling page under the "Online Store" tab. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for special deals!

When are classes?
We have classes every day of the week. Our schedule is available by clicking on "Sign up now".

After Pole 1, what is next?
After you have completed our Pole 1 series, you will move on to our drop-in based class Pole 2. We offer this class multiple times per week so that you can come as often as you like! We also offer a variety of other classes to assist in your pole dance training, such as: Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Flexibility!

I have prior pole dance experience. What class should I sign up for?
Enchant welcomes transfer students who have been learning consistently for three months from a certified instructor at a pole dance studio. Any self taught students, students who have been dancing for less than three months or students who have taken a year or more off from Pole are asked to start with our Pole 1: Introduction to Pole Dance series.

Enchant has a very specific progression and without knowing every move in it, students struggle to keep up. For this reason, we will need to have every student interested in transferring do an in depth evaluation to go over each move you know, correct any unsafe habits and figure out where any gaps are.This may mean that students will need to relearn some moves completely or be placed at a lower level to catch them up on moves that are missing from their repertoire.

Assessments are $45 for the hour and can be scheduled by emailing contact @enchantdance.com.Students are asked to spend a minimum of one week creating an in depth list of every move that they are comfortable with, a list of moves they are working on and a list of moves they struggle with. During the assessment we will go through each move on the list to verify that they are all being performed in a safe manner.Once the assessment is finished, students will be placed into a level and asked not to perform any moves that have not been approved in the assessment.

I have experience in other forms of fitness, but have not taken pole before. Should I still sign up for Intro?
Having a fitness or dance background is never required, but always a plus! We still recommend you start by taking our Intro series because we will teach you the safety fundamentals, which will be very important for moving on to Pole 2.

Do students share poles in class?
Yes! It is standard within the pole industry for people to share poles. Sharing poles allows you to take a moment to hydrate and rest your muscles so that you do not overdo it. Sharing a pole can also be extremely helpful to the learning process. We learn much better if we can see someone else going through the experience of learning the moves and receiving instructions, it is especially handy with choreography!

Do you have any classes where I can try it out without committing for 5 weeks?
Yes, we offer our Intro to Pole Dance Workshop once per month. You can view the scheduling by clicking "Sign up now" and selecting the "Workshop" tab.

I purchased a voucher, how do I use it?
Email contact@enchantdance.com with your voucher number and we will get you set up!

What do I wear and bring to class?
You can wear anything you feel comfortable working out in for the first three weeks. On your forth and fifth class you will want to wear shorts so that you skin can make contact with the pole. Bring plenty of water with you!

Where are you located?
Enchant Vertical Dance is located in the lower level of the 12th and Pike building. The entrance is on 12th. Look for our sign next to two large red doors. We are the first business down the stairs.

Do you offer student discounts?
Yes! Email us at contact@enchantdance.com for more info.