Refunds and Exchanges
All sales are final and non-transferable to other services or students.

Class passes are good for 365 days after the date of purchase and cannot be extended.

Monthly and Unlimited memberships are good for 30 days from the date of purchase and cannot be paused or extended. Classes that are available to take are based on the student's current prerequisites.

Cancelation Policy
All Drop In classes: 8 hours Speciality Workshops and Guest Instructors: Cannot be canceled All other classes: 24 hours

Late Cancel and No Show
Class Passes: Late cancels and no shows forfeit their class pass Memberships: Members are charged a $5 late cancel fee or a $15 no show fee.

Door Closure/Start Time
Doors are opened 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Students are asked to arrive at that time and be changed and ready to go at the scheduled start time. Classes start on time and the doors will be locked at the start of class. Doors are not reopened until class ends.

Class Minimums
All non-pole classes require a 3 person minimum. Classes will be canceled 4 hours prior to their start time and students will receive and auto-generated email if minimums are not met.

Gender Policy
Enchant does not discriminate against anyone of any gender identity.

Missing a class in Pole 1
Enchant offers one free makeup lesson if students need to miss a day of Pole 1. Students will join one of our Open Pole sessions to receive a quick lesson on what they missed. Any further makeup lessons cost the price of a one class drop in pass. Pole 1 students will need to email contact@enchantdance.com to schedule a makeup lesson.

Age Restrictions
Enchant is an 18 and over studio. Minors aged 16 or older may enroll with parental permission. The parent or guardian must come to the first class and sign the student in as well as sign their waiver.

Drug and Alcohol
Enchant is a drug and alcohol free establishment. Per the Washington State Liquor Control Board, no alcohol is permitted in any fitness or dance establishment in Washington State. Any student under the influence will be asked to leave and will forfeit their class.

Student Conduct
Enchant is a safe space for everyone. Students must be courteous to others and respect the instructor's guidance. Students may not critique other student's abilities, demean, harass, bully or make others uncomfortable in any way. Enchant takes the comfort of our students very seriously, failure to comply will result in being asked to leave class and the possibility of being asked to leave the studio permanently.

Class Conduct
While students are encouraged to have fun, make friends and practice their past moves, we expect students to actively engage in class. Students are expected to listen to the instructor’s guidance and follow the lesson plan.

Experimenting with moves
As long as a student has one hand on the pole and one foot on the ground or both feet on the ground, they are encouraged to experiment with movement. Once students lift both feet up, they are asked to stick with what they have learned at Enchant so that we may ensure student safety.

Students are not allowed to teach each other.

Self Teaching
No self taught moves are allowed in class. Pole Dance requires very specific technique and muscle engagement, without which you can cause very serious, and sometimes permanent, injury to yourself.

Moving up in drop in levels
To move up in levels, students will need to attend all 10 lessons in each level, have a firm understanding of the moves and transition cleanly in and out of each move. Students may be asked to repeat days or levels to work on specific things per the instructor's discretion.

Photos and Videos
Students may take videos of themselves during practice time or at the end of class. Students may not take photos or videos of their instructors or classmates. Video and Photos should not disturb the class or other dancers.

No non-participating students are allowed in class.

Length of Class
Class times are based around a full class. Classes that only have a few students may run fast, but will still receive the entire lesson as well as extra practice time.

Transfer Students
over a year will be automatically placed in our Pole 2 classes. To be placed any higher than Pole 2, Enchant requires a Safety and Technique lesson. In this lesson we will break down every move you have learned and verify it was taught in the safest way possible to ensure long-term muscle and joint stability. These lessons are $45 per hour and are also just a great way to go over the little tiny details of each move. Mail contact@enchantdance.com to discuss transferring over in further detail.

Students are expected to be respectful of Enchant's equipment. Equipment damaged due to students negligence may be charged to the student's account. Students are also expected to share equipment with others in class.