All of our policies are in place to maintain a safe learning environment and consistency between classes. Pole dance is a wonderful form of art, fitness activity and way to have fun, but unfortunately it has no official regulations for teaching methods/standards. All of our instructors go through our own intense certification process with the sole focus of keeping themselves and our students safe. Enchant takes no risks when it comes to the safety of everyone who walks through our door.

All classes at Enchant are open to persons of all gender identities.

Returns and refunds
All sales are final and non-transferable. In the event of early cancellation, an account credit will be automatically issued for the amount paid to Enchant Vertical Dance.

Late cancellations forfeit their class pass.

No-shows forfeit their class pass and will be charged a $15 "flake" fee, which will be donated to The Cat House on Kings.

The only exception for our late cancellation or no-show policy is if the student can provide a doctor's note.

Class Passes
Class Passes are valid for one year from the date of purchase and cannot be extended or transferred to another class type.

Cancellation policy
All introduction classes: 24 hours prior to class
All Drop-in classes: 8 hours prior to class
Traveling instructors: Cannot be cancelled
Private Lessons/Private Workshops/Certifications: 72 hours

Missing a class in an introduction series
Please make sure that you are able to attend all five classes before signing up for our Pole 1 series. We have a very packed lesson plan and will not be able to catch you up during your next class. It is necessary for all students to attend the first class in the series as it is where you get to know all of your classmates and the base moves that we will be using for the rest of the series. If for some reason you are going to need to miss one of the following classes (excluding the first class), please email contact@enchantdance.com 24 hours prior to the class to schedule one free makeup lesson.

Monthly/unlimited memberships
Studio Cancellation policies apply. Late cancellations will receive a $5 charge on their account, while no-shows will receive a $15 charge.

Monthly Pole Dance Memberships are only valid for pole dance drop-in classes and no other services. Unlimited Drop In Memberships are valid for all drop in based classes. No memberships can be canceled early or put on hold.

Online registration is required for all classes.

Age limits
While we do allow minors 16 of age and older to attend class, they must be accompanied by their parent or guardian for registration on their first class. Please make sure to bring photo ID for both the student and parent/guardian.

Students may arrive up to 10 minutes before the start of class. Students are asked to arrive before class begins as to not disrupt others. For the safety of our students and instructors, our doors are locked at the start of class and will not be reopened until after class ends. Late arrivals forfeit their spot in class. We cannot make any exceptions to this.

Lesson Plan
Enchant is first and foremost, a dance studio. Our focus is combining contemporary/modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop and all other forms of dance with pole moves. We understand that dance may be hard for some, we ask that students follow the dance elements of the lesson plan.

Drop-in classes
Enchant offers a variety of classes and is very focused on safe learning progressions. In our drop in classes you will learn new moves that will be incorporated into a bit of choreography that all strings together. Students all learn the same thing in class and are not allowed to perform moves they have not been taught at Enchant or copy moves that they see others doing during our one on one, in class review time. It is not safe to perform any move that has not been taught, even if it is something that appears simple to the naked eye.

Our drop in classes run in 10 week sessions and then repeat. Students may sign up as many times per week as they like and will be moved to the next level once they have completed each week in the level and mastered each move. As these classes are all drop in based, we do not provide makeup lessons if students do not attend a week. To learn the lesson that was missed, students can take our "Pole 2 - 10: Mixed Level Drop-In" class, schedule a private lesson, or continue to take class and wait for the session to repeat.

Transfer policy
Enchant welcomes transfer students who have been learning consistently for three months from a certified instructor at a pole dance studio. Any self taught students, students who have been dancing for less than three months or students who have taken a year or more off from Pole are asked to start with our Pole 1: Introduction to Pole Dance series.

Enchant has a very specific progression and without knowing every move in it, students struggle to keep up. For this reason, we will need to have every student interested in transferring do an in depth evaluation to go over each move you know, correct any unsafe habits and figure out where any gaps are.This may mean that students will need to relearn some moves completely or be placed at a lower level to catch them up on moves that are missing from their repertoire.

Assessments are $45 for the hour and can be scheduled by emailing contact @enchantdance.com.Students are asked to spend a minimum of one week creating an in depth list of every move that they are comfortable with, a list of moves they are working on and a list of moves they struggle with. During the assessment we will go through each move on the list to verify that they are all being performed in a safe manner.Once the assessment is finished, students will be placed into a level and asked not to perform any moves that have not been approved in the assessment.

Drugs and alcohol
Enchant Vertical Dance is a drug and alcohol free establishment. Per the Washington State Liquor Control Board, no alcohol is allowed in any fitness establishment in Washington State. Any students who appear to be under the influence will be asked to leave and will not receive an account credit.

Classroom environment
Enchant Vertical Dance prides itself on creating a comfortable environment for everyone. All students must be courteous to others and respect the instructor's guidance. Any student who is caught bullying or harassing students or instructors will be asked to leave and will not receive an account credit.

Students are not allowed to teach each other. Please listen to the instructions given by your instructor for the safety of yourself and others.

Self teaching
No self-taught moves will be allowed in any class. There are no exceptions. Pole dance requires very specific muscle engagement and technique, without which you can cause serious and, in some cases, permanent injury to yourself.

Length of classes
The length of class is designed to accommodate a full class of students. If classes are not full, class time may be shortened. Students will still receive their full lesson plan, have practice time and dance time at the end of class, but less people in class means that it takes the instructor less time to teach everyone.

We cannot allow any non-participating students to attend class. We welcome guests of students to relax in our lobby and we can also recommend many local places to visit while class is in session.

If you purchased a voucher, please email contact@enchantdance.com with your name and voucher number to receive instructions on how to sign up for classes. Students with expired vouchers will receive an account credit in the amount they paid for the vouchers. All other studio policies apply.