September 6
When did you start pole dancing
November 2017
Favorite Style of Dance
I have always loved watching ballet. My favorite style to do is probably tap, even though I'm not very good at it! I like being loud and bouncy when I dance, because it's the opposite of my day use persona.
Dance Background
I studied ballet in college, and danced in the Irish/Scottish dance troupe my senior year. Before that it was mostly just prancing around my kitchen because my mom had serious issues with the dance school where I grew up (apparently the teacher yelled at my sister and me when we were five and she pulled us from class) so I didn't have any formal dance training until college.
Teaching Style
I try to make movement fun and effective. We'll probably bounce around a bit in warm-ups (because we just don't get to wiggle enough as adults, and that's sad) but I'll also explain why wiggling is a yoga teacher and personal trainer my mission is always to help folks feel more comfortable and powerful in their bodies.
Favorite Pole Move
Anything on the floor or with big, swooping leg movements. Preferably both. But also funky grip hitch kick.
Nemesis Move
Ugh, anything one handed. I have incredibly clammy palms, so I just slide right off no matter how tightly I'm gripping.
Favorite thing about teaching
That 'a-ha' moment when someone finally GETS IT and everything just clicks. It's the best feeling, both as a student and as a teacher.
Favorite TV Show
'Avatar the Last Airbender'
Favorite Movie
'Gladiator' or 'Obvious Child,' depending on my mood
Favorite Book
You mean favorite book from each genre, right? (but also, the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix, anything Ursula Le Guin writes, the Harry Potter series, and all of Jane Austen, but especially the letter Captain Wentworth writes in 'Persuasion')
I take aerial classes in addition to pole; I've competed as a powerlifter and still love lifting heavy weights in the gym; I'm a writer and sometimes freelance editor; I read Tarot and sometimes I Ching (which is a method of divination from China); my favorite part of school was studying languages and dance, and I used to be fluent in Mandarin.
Favorite Place to Travel
I loved visiting Jerusalem when I was in college, but my favorite place that I've consistently traveled to is probably New York City.
Day Job
Personal Trainer
Fun Fact
I have an identical twin sister and we were born in Hollywood, so for the first year or so of our lives we paid our mom's bills by being child actresses.
Favorite Quote
"It's better to be vague than that other thing." ~Oscar Wilde