Jessica (Owner)

Jessica began pole dancing in 2009 and fell in love with it. As someone with limited ability due to reconstructive bone surgery as a teenager, she found that this was an activity she could actually participate in without pain. After a year of taking classes, she decided that she wanted to share her love of pole dance with others and began teaching in 2010. In December of 2014 she opened Enchant Vertical Dance in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood of Seattle. Jessica took her love of pole and mixed it with her love of contemporary dance to create a unique studio and lesson plan. Jessica wrote Enchant's lesson plan based on 9 in-depth certification programs as well as contemporary dance classes and with collaboration from her team of wonderful instructors. Jessica has a passion for learning and is constantly working on learning new teaching methods, dance techniques and adding those into Enchant's ever-evolving lesson plan.
June 18th
When did you start pole dancing
Sprint of 2009
Favorite Style of Dance
Contemporary Dance!
Dance Background
None at all! I started with a more sensual style of pole dance and while I loved it and respect the style, never really felt fully comfortable as it didn't fit my style of movement and didn't feel right with my body. I slowly started to understand that the movement I naturally gravitated towards was contemporary dance and a dash of ballet. I started taking contemporary dance classes years after I started pole and it has helped me develop my pole skills, body awareness, basic dance skills and love of movement! My real passion is a mix of pole dance with contemporary dance, which is what Enchant is all about!
Teaching Style
Technical, fluid connections and fun! I like to go over all of the technical aspects and anatomy of each move and then work on seamless connections between them. I am also known to joke around in class and be a complete dork! Don't be surprised to hear some nerdy songs in my classes!
Favorite Pole Move
Hitch kick. It is such a simple movement, but I find that it can add so much to your dance. It is such a perfect movement for musicality and there are so many different variations of it that it can be used for any kind of routine.
Nemesis Move
Handstands. I am absolutely terrified of them for some reason. I can climb to the ceiling and flip and twirl all of the way down the pole, but try and get me into a handstand and I am shaking!
Favorite thing about teaching
I love watching the growth of each student. The absolute best moment is seeing something click and seeing the love of dance start to develop.
Favorite TV Show
Gilmore Girls!
Favorite Movie
It is a tie between Pride and Prejudice and The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Favorite Book
The Lord of the Rings
I am a huge history nerd and love watching historical documentaries. I am a fountain of historical facts and have a special interest in UK history as well as Ancient Egypt. I also love to read and tend to get sucked into books.
Favorite Place to Travel
London, I love the history and traditions.
Day job
As the owner of Enchant, my day job is doing admin for the studio and then teaching all night! I am a bit of a workaholic and tend to work on all of my days off, too.
Fun Fact
I have a degree in European desserts and breads and am obsessed with dogs!
Favorite Quote
"Laughing brains are more absorbent" - Alton Brown
3 from Pole Fitness Allience, 3 from Spin City, 1 from Liquid Motion, 1 from X-pert and 2 from other pole dance studios.
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