Glenn (Senior Instructor)

Started pole dancing
Favorite style of dance
To watch: vogueing! To do: freestyle.
Dance background
R.A.D. Ballet, touched here and there on gymnastic floor, theater, and ballroom.
Teaching style
Strict with a smile? I don't know. I guess I rely a lot on my knowledge and expertise to lead, and then I try to communicate my high standards for students without undermining my confidence in them. Once students are more advanced I can tailor our curriculum to their learning style a. It more with increased feedback between us.
Favorite Pole Move
Outside leg hang if I'm having an off the ground day, pole melt if I'm having a more grounded day.
Nemesis Move
Favorite thing about teaching
Getting to share something I love and seeing others grow from it as well.
Favorite movie
Waking Ned Divine
Favorite TV show
I don't really watch TV. I liked Firefly while it lasted.
Favorite book
Since I can't pick just one I'll pick my favorite right now which is a collection of Pablo Neruda in Spanish.
Fantastical costume making, cooking, activism, casual gaming, art making of most kinds.
Favorite Place to Travel
So far, Costa Rica
Guilty pleasure
I love My Little Pony. Also some arguably bad country music.
Day Job
Dog walker/dogsitter
Favorite quote
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle
Enchant Instructor Certification 1: The Fundamentals of Teaching, Enchant Instructor Certification 2: Drop In Classes, Enchant Instructor Certification 3: Inversions and Spotting, CPR Certified, Royals Academy of Dance: Beginner - Advanced
Each instructor goes through a 200 hour certification course to begin teaching at Enchant. As they train to teach higher levels, they go through a minimum of 50 hours of training per level. Our trainings focus on proper teaching methods, safety, spotting, class structure, anatomy, progressions and regressions.
Certified to teach:
  • Introduction Workshops
  • Pole 1
  • Pole 2
  • Pole 3 & 4
  • Mixed Level Drop In
  • Inversions 101
  • Inversions 2 - 5
  • Flexibility
  • Lyra
Additional qualifications:
  • CPR Certified
  • Circus coach at SANCA
  • Trainer at Rain City Fit
  • Member of Tivrate
Spotify playlist: