March 11
When did you start pole dancing
in California in 2015. I was visiting home and tried a class where I fell love with pole dancing. Unfortunately I had to take a break when I went to grad school since I was in a small town in China, but so excited to be dancing again!!
Favorite Style of Dance
besides pole? Ha, I love salsa, bachata, Chinese ribbon/fan, contra, trance, swing and k-pop/hip hop dance. Right now I’m really loving k pop and salsa dancing.
Dance Background
The only formal dance training I’ve had is Chinese dance actually, which I began in high school. Otherwise I’ve learned other styles on the road from friends I make along the way.
Teaching Style
Quirky, fun, expressive, detail-oriented.
Favorite Pole Move
Reverse back hook is a classic. I love inversions though.
Nemesis Move
any pose where I have to slide down the pole on my belly.
Favorite thing about teaching
Seeing people’s face light up when they nail a move!
Favorite TV Show
this is a tough one... big fan of Madame Secretary, Downton Abbey and My Love From Another Star.
Favorite Movie
Easy-She’s the Man.
Favorite Book
tough one again- We'll go with The Red Lion: The Elixir of Eternal Life by Maria Szepes or A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
(aerial) yoga, food (cooking and eating), languages, international film, surfing
Favorite Place to Travel
Day job
Outreach Coordinator at UW's East Asia Resource Center
Fun Fact
I have an identical twin!
Favorite Quote
"Life will take you where you need to go, life will take you where you need to be. The Earth supports you (literally). Good things are coming your way." Not sure where originally from but Rachael Brathen said it in one of her Yoga Girl 'From the Heart' podcasts.
Each instructor goes through a 200 hour certification course to begin teaching at Enchant. As they train to teach higher levels, they go through a minimum of 50 hours of training per level. Our trainings focus on proper teaching methods, safety, spotting, class structure, anatomy, progressions and regressions.
Certified to teach:
  • Introduction Workshops
  • Pole 1
  • Pole 2
  • Pole 3 & 4
  • Flexibility
Additional qualifications:
  • CPR Certified
  • Yoga instructor certification
  • Pole Sport Organization Competitor 2018