Dance style
Dramatic! I like big movements and heavy beats.
Favorite artists to dance to
I don't have one, I just dance to whatever moves my body.
Favorite clothing to dance in
Sports bra and pole shorts. If I'm feeling good, I might throw on my heels.
Favorite food
It's a toss-up between homemade lamb souvlaki or gyros, and pastitsio.
Favorite dessert
Places I have traveled
Canada, Mexico, and seven of the other United States.
Favorite movie
The Incredibles
Favorite person from history
Ching Shih: a bad ass Chinese woman who went from a prostitute to the captain of the largest pirate armada in recorded history, the "Red Flag Fleet", which at the hight of its glory, contained more than 1500 ships and over 80,000 pirates. Suck on that, Blackbeard!
Favorite actress
Carolyn Marie Monroe, actress with the Seattle Shakespeare Company.
Favorite book
The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm by James Napoli.
Favorite rainy day activity
Literal Netflix and chill, as in sitting on my couch, relaxing and watching Netflix with my dog.
Guilty pleasure
Cheesy action movies that everyone else makes fun of.
Some fun facts
Greenland sharks can live for more than 500 years and grow up to 24 ft long. Their top speed is 1.7 mph, and most have parasites that attach to their eyes and eat the corneal tissue making the shark blind in that eye. It is suspected that the parasite's bioluminescence may help lure in prey for the shark to eat. As my fun facts about the Greenland shark might hint, I'm kind of a marine biology nerd. I also like really bad jokes.
Favorite quote
"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." -Thorin Oakenshield.
Each instructor goes through a 200 hour certification course to begin teaching at Enchant. As they train to teach higher levels, they go through a minimum of 50 hours of training per level. Our trainings focus on proper teaching methods, safety, spotting, class structure, anatomy, progressions and regressions.
Certified to teach:
  • Introduction Workshops
  • Pole 1
  • Pole 2
  • Pole 3 & 4
  • Mixed Level Drop In
  • Inversions 101
  • Mixed Intermediate Inversions
  • Spin Pole 101
  • Spin Pole 202
  • Advanced Drop In
  • PoleOgraphy
Additional qualifications:
  • CPR Certified
  • Pole Sport Organization Silver Metalist 2017
  • Xpert Instructor Certification