Get your Splits

In this class you will be working on both passive and active flexibility with one goal, to you get your splits! Enchant customizes each stretch by adding progressions based on your current range of motion and focuses on proper alignment as well as safe stretching techniques. Enchant's Flexibility instructors go through a very intense anatomy and flexibility certification to keep you safe while working on your long term flexibility goals.

While you may see a few similarities with some stretches, this is not a yoga class. In class, you can expect a few light stretches in every area, but the majority of the stretches in this class will focus on your leg and hip muscles. This class can sometimes be hands on as your instructor may need to help realign you to keep you from straining a muscle or joint and to ensure long term muscle health and stability.

These classes are “non-pole” classes. We recommend wearing yoga or sweat pants, but will provide everything else you need for class, all you have to bring is your dedication and a smile! Due to the nature of the class, warmup is essential for safe stretching. We cannot allow anyone arriving late to attend class, so the door will be locked right at the start of class.

For best results, we recommend pairing this with Candlelight Yoga and Ballet Flexibility!

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