Beginner Jazz

Hamilton, Chicago, Hairspray and all that JAZZ!

In this Broadway style jazz class John will lead you through a guided warmup which includes strength and flexibility movements, move onto dance technique and exercises and then spend the rest of class focusing on jazz choreography. There is never a dull moment in this class!

No dance experience is required.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, John is a purebred Emerald City Seattlite. Ever since the age of 8, John has been jazzing it up after being influenced by legends such as Gregory Hines, Fred Astaire, and of course, Gene Kelly. Starting off in tap, he then moved into ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. At the age of 13 is when the drama bug hit when he started attending Roosevelt high school in Seattle, and musical theatre opened up a whole new world. John started working professionally in theatre straight out of school with companies such as the 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle Opera, Seattle Shakespeare Company, and Village Theatre with roles such as Mark in "A Chorus Line", Eddie Ryan in "Funny Girl", Puck in "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and his favorite, Don Lockwood In "Singin' In The Rain". It wasn't until just a couple years ago that John developed a love for teaching dance when he worked in childcare from 2008 to 2015 and it was there that his talents for communication and teaching really grew. John uses his experience in both professional theatre and childcare towards his teachings. In his classes you don't just learn the steps. You learn style, technique, improv, and how to tell a story through your movement.

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