Nicole (Studio Manager)

May 24
When did you start pole dancing
I started pole dancing in December 2015.
Favorite Style of Dance
Dance Background
I have always loved music and dance. I competed in the state with my high school dance team in jazz, kick, and pom. When I went to undergrad, I danced for my college's team until I moved to Arizona. For a charity benefit, I choreographed, designed, and danced in our team competition in Greek Sing at Arizona State and took 3rd place. When I went to the University of Michigan, I longed for dancing and finding a group to be in. I stumbled into the Michigan Ballroom Dance Team and learned/competed in competitions. My partner and I placed 1st in Cha Cha and Rumba within the beginner level (dancing for less than a year) at the Arnold Classic.
Teaching Style
Having fun, getting to explore body movement, but practicing on the technical basics.
Favorite Pole Move
Always something new and constantly developing. Right now, I am loving learning combinations of inverts from outside leg hang... anything that I can use my flexibility to make pretty
Nemesis Move
Anything on my non-dominant inverts... and the fairy spin from baseball grip... My hips do funky things
Favorite Thing About Teaching
Getting to see people try something new, face fears, and gain confidence within themselves
Favorite TV Show
There is always the classic The Office... ah so many shows... Also Galavant (can't say no to clever puns, singing, and dancing)
Favorite Movie
Moulin Rouge... Which if you come to the studio and meet me, you would know very quickly. :)
Favorite Book
What genre? My favorite book of Poems is "I Wrote This for You" .... I read a lot of social work/social justice books... because of my profession... but I'd like to get into reading again
DANCING.... but I love people, my dog, going on adventures, hosting... and drinking variations on wine and whiskey
Favorite Place to Travel
Anywhere new... preferably with water
Day job
Student Counselor for high needs middle schools
Fun Fact
I finished undergrad in 2 years and grad school in 1.... I'm an idiot.
Favorite Quote
"We accept the love we think we deserve.."