Sara loved pole dancing after a birthday pole party in May 2014. However, she took a long break until March 2015 when she joined the Enchant Vertical Dance Studio to continue pole dancing. In less than two years after joining Enchant, Sara participated in her first Pole Sport Organization (PSO) competition, where she placed 3rd for Amateur Pole 2 Dramatic. Earlier this year, she took the pole dance certification training to become an Enchant instructor and she's loved it ever since! In her classes, Sara brings her enthusiasm and sense of humor to lighten up the mood and to have fun!
September 2nd
When did you start pole dancing
May 2014
Favorite Style of dance
Latin style and entertainment
Dance Background
Teaching Style
I explain moves on the technical aspects first. Once the student gets the move, I go over variations based off of emotions and character.
Favorite Pole Move
Outside leg hang
Nemesis Move
Flying K
Favorite thing about teaching
Seeing my 'poler' bears loving this sport as much as I do and seeing them progress to the next level!
Favorite Movie
Pretty Woman
Favorite TV Show
Will & Grace
Favorite Book
Tuesdays with Morrie
I love to travel! I make it my mission to leave the country once a year. So far, I've only visited Europe. However, I'm going to try and venture out to the East, particularly Thailand!
Favorite Place to Travel
Austria is beautiful in the summer!
Guilty pleasure
Day job
Project Manager in the aerospace industry
Favorite quote
"Why do people measure life by the years instead of how good the years were?" - Gabriel Igelsias
CPR Certified, Enchant Instructor Certification 1: The Fundamentals of Teaching, Enchant Instructor Certification 2: Drop In Classes, Enchant Instructor Certification 3: Inversions and Spotting
Spotify playlist: