Sexy Yoga: Flaunt your Flow

Are you ready to get sexy? Join Katie Meyer, Board-certified Ayurvedic Health Coach, for yoga and dance all designed to ignite the Shakti within and get you feeling sassy! Part I: Fierce Sexy Yoga We begin with a gentle yoga sequence that will help you tune in to your sensual side and feel 100% present in your body. Visualizations and sexy tunes will help get us there! Part II: Sexy Tantric Dance Once our bodies and spirits are warmed up, we'll move into Sexy Tantric Dance! Using the 5 Core Pelvic Movements, we will explore what it feels like to embody and express the 5 sides of erotic expression... all in a safe intentional space. By the end, you will feel: - Worked out! You WILL sweat. - Super sassy and confident - A renewed sense of body sovereignty and safety around sensual expression

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